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Our team of creative minds work without fear or restriction. Our approach can be brave and extravagant or safe and solid, whatever you need it to be. Style and imagination is our forte and you will love working with our approachable, friendly team which will guide you smoothly through the creative process.

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We believe creating or updating your logo is just the beginning of your branding journey. Just like your reputation, your brand reflects and represents the kind of organisation you are so needs to be carefully thought out to accurately reflect your key company values. Our creative leads can provide you with complete and comprehensive brand guidelines or take on full, hands-on management of all your branding activities to ensure you convey a positive and professional image at all times.

brandinggraphic designpublications3d visualisationvehicle livery

graphic design

Graphic design is a broad term, so it’s a good job our design team has a broad range of expertise and experience. Whether you need a poster, flyer, advertisement or a brochure our design team can produce standout and powerful designs to make your key target audiences stand up and take note. Our designers work side by side with you every step of the way to make certain your marketing materials are effective, relevant and purposeful.

brandinggraphic designpublications3d visualisationvehicle livery
Graphic design


Despite the emergence of digital marketing and its undoubted merits, old traditions die hard. That may sound a negative comment, but in a marketing sense it is the complete opposite. A beautifully designed and expertly written piece of literature is still an extremely powerful marketing mechanism often with a longer shelf-life and more informative than its digital counterparts. Here at Patrick Lowman PR we have extensive experience of writing and designing annual reports, newsletters, brochures, booklets and much more.

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3d visualisation

Words and photographs are all well and good, however, there comes a time when they don't just cut the mustard. Here at Patrick Lowman PR we can create anything you could imagine using 3D visualisation. From studio product shots, architectural visualisations, walkthroughs to corporate animations, the possibilities are endless. We have the technical expertise to make your visions become reality.

brandinggraphic designpublications3d visualisationvehicle livery
3d visualisation

vehicle livery

This service offers exactly what it says on the tin – we can design livery for motor cars, minibuses, HGV’s, mobile exhibition units and boats in accordance with your brand management guidelines. We can provide livery for a single vehicle through to a complete company fleet.

brandinggraphic designpublications3d visualisationvehicle livery
Vehicle livery design