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Respected Suffolk PR and Marketing company launches free website audit service

Published on 20/07/16 11:42:am

Patrick Lowman PR is offering to provide businesses and organisations a free, comprehensive audit of their website to discover if they are working as effectively as they should be.

The audit will include a thorough review of the site covering all important aspects such as design, functionality and overall performance. As part of the service Patrick Lowman PR will then present the finding to the website owners with recommendations of how it could be improved.

The company’s Creative Director, Stuart Squires, said: “We have come across so many websites which are not serving their purpose or working as effectively as they could be. As such we have decided to launch the free website audit service available to all businesses and organisations within Suffolk and north Essex. We will provide an expert analyse of the site and then present our findings and recommendations in a face to face meeting. We normally charge £195.00 for this service, but we feel website owners need and deserve expert advice on how their sites are working without being hit in the pocket.”

There are vital aspects people need to consider regarding their websites, such as:

  • User experience - can visitors immediately find what they want? Did you know on average viewers will leave the site if they don’t find what they want within 10 seconds
  • Mobile friendly - did you know latest figures show that 56% of website views are now on mobile phones
  • Does the design and layout of your site present a modern view of your company
  • Call to action - do you have a call to action on every page, viewers don't want to have to search to find your contact
  • details once they like what you have
  • SEO - did you know that Google changes the rules every few months, is your site up to date from Google's perspective.

Patrick Lowman PR’s free website audits consist of:

  • Indexing and crawlability - these tests will ensure your site is being correctly indexed by search engines and will highlight any problems that may have a negative impact on search engine ranking and user experience
  • Redirects - it is quite common for websites not to be correctly setup which can have a detrimental effect on your site rankings
  • Design – evaluating the design of your site to ensure it presents an appropriate and modern view of your company and that the layout lends itself to easy navigation of the site
  • Content – to review how content is presented and measure how likely it is to retain a visitors attention
  • Mobile responsiveness – this will thoroughly test your site for mobile responsiveness which is crucial our you can miss out on valuable traffic, leads and revenue. Google also penalises sites which are not mobile responsive
  • Technical factors - this will test your site for any technical errors that may have a negative effect on your websites performance
  • Links - This will check your site for any broken links within your website which can seriously affect search engine ranking
  • On-page SEO - these tests will highlight any issues with page titles and descriptions which the search engines will use to ‘present’ your website in search engine results
  • Social media popularity - These tests will show how many people on social media are talking about your website. Search engines prefer sites that are popular with a good social media presence.

If you would like Patrick Lowman PR to carry out an audit of your website simply email or telephone 07792 428555 and they will begin the process immediately. Once the audit is complete the company will contact you to make a date to present its findings.