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Why professional PR services have become vital for voluntary and charitable organisations

Published on 11/01/15


The reality for many charity and voluntary groups today is that they battle for survival within a fiercely competitive market. Today's bleak economic climate, causing funding bodies to make significant cut backs, means the competition is only going to grow.

Unfortunately, long gone are the days where a big pot of funds was divided accordingly and handed out to all charitable organisations which needed support. The current situation means charities are having to do more and more to secure funds, gain support and attract volunteers, not to mention service-users.

In all likelihood the charities which will flourish in the future are those with high visibility and enhanced profiles. On a national scale organisations such as OXFAM and Breakthrough Breast Cancer continue to thrive. In the East of England more localised charities like the St Nicholas Hospice and The Tree House Appeal have been very successful. A common theme running through all these groups is that they have a high profile and regularly secure positive publicity, hence attracting further support and forging stronger influence when bidding for funds.

Professionally implemented PR tactics and communications activities can help charities in a number of ways. Promotional activities can help to raise awareness and understanding of the organisation and the work it does, media campaigns can be used to attract supporters, service users, volunteers and to raise funds.

The charities and voluntary groups which promote the work they do are the ones which are likely to survive in the long term. One of the most effective ways for any organisations to promote itself is via clear and concise communications and professionally implemented PR activities.