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In many ways PR can be compared to a game of chess, to be successful requires skill and expertise, a carefully planned strategy and tactical awareness. Here at Patrick Lowman PR we like to think of ourselves as the Grandmasters, helping you to stay at least one step ahead of the competition.

The reason the global PR industry has remained buoyant for so many years is because it works. PR works across all sectors and has multiple benefits. Done correctly PR can raise awareness and profile, influence behaviour, generate business leads, establish credibility, attract support, help with recruitment and most importantly provide your organisation with the personality it needs.

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media relations

Despite the undisputed rise of digital media platforms and their importance to any worthwhile marketing strategy, PR remains strong and the traditional media remains one of the biggest influencers of opinion. Online platforms have served only to increase the power and reach of the traditional media.

Implementing targeted and carefully planned media activities is one of the wisest moves you will ever make for your business or organisations, catapulting you to new levels of success. Whether you need a full press office function, a one-off press release or a far-reaching publicity campaign, we can offer you the opportunity to work with one of the most experienced media teams in the East of England.

prmedia relationscrisis managementcorporate literaturecopywriting

crisis management

Your organisational reputation is your most valuable asset and must be protected at all times. If a crisis scenario should occur your reputation could be under serious threat from various media channels working around the clock to file their stories. In such circumstances we have the experience, knowledge and skills to help you navigate your way through a crisis and minimise reputational damage.

We also specialise in delivering comprehensive media handling and communications strategies to ensure your organisation is equipped and prepared for any situation – good or bad.

prmedia relationscrisis managementcorporate literaturecopywriting

corporate literature

To get straight to the point your corporate literature has to be right. It needs to be informative, insightful, engaging, consistent, clear and concise. Your corporate literature forms an essential part of your organisational persona where you can communicate your key messages.

Here at Patrick Lowman PR we have extensive experience of writing newsletters, annual reports, brochures, websites and many other materials designed to achieve maximum impact.

prmedia relationscrisis managementcorporate literaturecopywriting


Whether you’re looking for the right words for your publicity campaign, a new strapline, an award entry or a series of posters, our team of experienced writers will deliver sparkling and captivating copy to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

prmedia relationscrisis managementcorporate literaturecopywriting